November 24, 2014

Special Features

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The Mozhao Ming

Hong Zhi

Published Jan 13, 2011

12th Century AD In complete silence words are forgotten,total clarity appears before you.When you reflect it, it is boundlessly vast,and your body becomes numinous. Numinous it is illuminated without relying on anything,in illumination, you return to the transcendent [miao].The dewy moon on the Milky Way,the snow-clad pine on the cloudy peak. In darkness... Read more

The Fool

attributed to The Buddha

Published Dec 02, 2010

Long is the night to one who is awake. Long is ten miles to one who is tired. Long is the cycle of birth and deathto the fool who does not know the true path. If a traveller does not meet with one who is better or equal, let one firmly... Read more

Hakuin's Song of Zazen

Hakuin (1686 - 1768)

Published Mar 02, 2010

English translation by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki   All beings are primarily Buddhas. It is like water and ice:There is no ice apart from water;There are no Buddhas apart from beings.   Not knowing how close the truth is to them,Beings seek for it afar -- what a pity!They are like those who, being in the... Read more

Meditation 17

John Donne

Published Feb 20, 2010

Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for... Read more

Images and Reflections, Series VI


Published Jun 20, 2009

Poems Yao Feng, more poems of Yao Feng at A new future Language? I suggest we may need to better read a wordless One to ingest the meanings coaxed into stone set in place (like remnant bones) aeons ago in Egyptian gardens across Sirian gulfs... deluged, submerged... Read more

Images and Reflections, Series V


Published Jun 20, 2009

Painting, Poems, and Haiku by Yao Feng Tasmania, Australia, Photos by Ronbo. The walls of cool mist, dance with the morning sun. Far off the birds sing and call, riding the early morning breeze. Soon the mountains are crisp and clear in the newness of dawn. All thoughts... Read more

Images and Reflections, Series IV


Published Jun 20, 2009

Painted Windows Photograph by Yao Xiang ( Painting on the side of a building in Mt. Shasta by Tom O'Hara ) Painted Windows I lived in a house with two real windows and the other two painted on. Those painted windows caused my first sorrow. I'd touch the sides of... Read more

Images and Reflections, Series III


Published Jun 20, 2009

Photographs by Yao Xiang, with accompanying haiku and poetry by Issa, and others "Do I dare Disturb the universe? In a minute there is time For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse. For I have known them all already, known them... Read more

Images and Reflections, Series II


Published Jun 20, 2009

Photographs by Yao Xiang, with accompanying haiku and poetry by Issa, and others Kausika the brahmana, who is now roasting in Hell, set his heart on Virtue, and in all his life never told a lie, even in jest. Once having seen their helpless victim run past him... Read more

Images and Reflections, Series I


Published Jun 20, 2009

Photographs by Yao Xiang, with accompanying haiku by Basho, Buson, Issa, and others Come out to view the truth of flowers blooming in poverty -- Basho The new year arrived in utter simplicity - and a deep... Read more

Hibbo Kannon (Kuan Yin)

Kano Hogai

Published Jun 20, 2009

by Kano Hogai - 19th century Japan. Read more

Two Birds


Published Jun 20, 2009

Painting by Rev. Fa Ming Shakya, OHY "Thou, Brahman Immortal, And thou, woven of clay (Two beings, yet one.) - Like two beautiful birds, Golden of plumage, Companions inseparable, Perched high up on the branches Of the selfsame tree - As man, though tastest The sweet fruits of the tree,... Read more

The Ten Oxherding Pictures: Series 2

Kaku-an & Kuo An Zhe

Published Jun 16, 2009

English translations from poems by Kaku-anChinese poems by Kuo An Zhe I. Searching for the Ox Alone in the wilderness, lost in the jungle, the boy is searching, searching! The swelling waters, the far-away mountains, and the unending path; Exhausted and in despair, he knows not where to go, He only hears the evening cicadas... Read more

The Ten Oxherding Pictures: Series 1


Published Jun 16, 2009

The Ten Oxherding Pictures of Zen: Series 1 I. Undisciplined With his horns fiercely projected in the air the beast snorts, Madly running over the mountain paths, farther and farther he goes astray! A dark cloud is spread across the entrance of the valley, And who knows how much of the fine fresh herb... Read more

Muhammad and the Huge Eater

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

Published Jun 16, 2009

Translated by Coleman Barks Excerpt from "Delicious Laughter, Rambunctious Teaching Stories from the Mathnawi" by Coleman Barks. 1990 Paypop Books, 196 Westview Drive, Athens, GA 30606. (Note: Husam was Rumi's much loved assistant. Rumi teases him.)   Husam demands that we begin Book V.Ziya-Haqq, the Radiance of Truth,             ... Read more

Oxherding Poems by Hsu Yun

Master Hsu Yun

Published Mar 13, 2009

Illustrations by Fa Lian Shakya - Greece 1. Pushing Aside the Grass to Look for the Ox Wanting to break through to Emptiness with my white cudgelI cried out louder than the bellowing Ox, mooing through my senses.I followed mountain and stream searching for the Ox, seeking it everywhere.But I couldn't tell... Read more

Have Mercy on Me, My Soul!

Courtesy of Kahlil Gibran online (

Published Mar 13, 2009

Why are you weeping, my Soul?Knowest thou my weakness?Thy tears strike sharp and injure,For I know not my wrong.Until when shalt thou cry?I have naught but human words to interpret your dreams,Your desires, and your instructions. Look upon me, my Soul;I have consumed my full life heeding your teachings.Think of how... Read more

The Heart

Yao Feng

Published Mar 05, 2007

Painting and poetry by Rev. Yao Feng of Oregon I once heard & read. To hate no one Is the highest wisdom Divine. To love everyone Is true compassion. Transcendent. The emancipated Loving kind heart. Boundless. Read more


Shi Chuan Kong

Published Jun 20, 2002

Archestructures The Art and Poetry of Shi Chuan Kong   Withering Flowers Withered flowers Die and live, live and die; Seamless unfolding. Thalassa A southern cloud Now covers the whole earth; Compassionate rain. Songthrush Old and motionless- Songthrush with fluffed feathers; Written in black ink. Deep... Read more

Scenes and Dreams of Transformation


Published Jun 20, 2002

Hsu Yun   Brabbit   Ladyfrog           Read more

Paintings by Chuan Kung

Chuan Kung

Published Jun 19, 2000

Be     Peppers     Poppyfield     Spirit flower woman     White flower woman   White flower tree   Wolffe Read more