November 22, 2014

Central Coast Zen Centre (Australia)

MatthewLawther lg The Central Coast Zen Centre is located on The Central Coast of NSW - Australia. We are a small community devoted to awakening the heart of wisdom and compassion. Our Sangha has a common commitment to cultivate our practice in our daily lives, in society and in all our relationships. We offer support for meditation and mindfulness, whether at home, work or at the centre. We are a non-profit organisation which offers a setting for people of various backgrounds to simply cultivate the practice of Zen.

We are affiliated with "The Order of the Boundless Way" USA and The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY) USA. Our philosophy is based on the understanding that the enlightened mind is universal: not limited by, and independent of, any secular or sectarian institutions professing religious or spiritual authority.

Our practice involves both mental and physical disciplines that promote a healthy holistic world view and an understanding of the universal laws of cause and effect (karma). It involves letting go of preconceptions, dualistic thinking, religious abstractions, and symbolic delusions. Our primary practices include: silent seated meditation, mindfulness (fully responsive awareness) and personal development in both mental and physical disciplines that incorporate spirituality in everyday life. We recognize that everyday life is our practice, and that everyday life is different for everyone. Fundamental to our philosophy is the recognition that teachers themselves are also students and that the nature and quality of their teaching is derived from their own understanding and practice. As continuing students, they are committed to an openness and fluidity of teaching and practice, and may develop and apply diverse approaches to their methods of teaching.