October 31, 2014

Le chant de la vallé (Canada)

Phil_1bLe chant de la vallé is a heritage in Quebec, Canada founded by Fa Tian (Philippe Duchesne). The philosophy is, in his words, that "anybody can awaken here and now to the True Nature with the hearing of only one word. After that, it takes the rest of one's life to deepen and integrate it into daily practice of Dhyana. Even if some support and common practice can be useful, it is an individual process. Life at «Le chant de la vallée» is so: few formalities, much silence and solitude."

View_1bScheduled activities are two weekly meditations with a period of discussion on Dharma (Tuesday evening and Tuesday morning). The rest of the time, there are no fixed activities. People can reside in a hermitage or in a room of the main house. If they want to, they can share the work in the gardens, the woods or in the house.