November 23, 2014

Mountain Way Zen (United States)

Mountain Way Zendo is a practice center for wayfarers from various faiths and walks of life whose spiritual explorations have led them to the practices and teachings of Zen Buddhism. Located in Grays Harbor County of Washington State, USA, and led by resident teacher Fa Xing, the Zendo is a place for sangha members to come together as their schedules allow, to practice various meditative disciplines together, to support each other in their efforts, and to renew their sense of community. At Mountain Way Zendo, we recognize that everyday life is Zen practice, and that everyday life is different for everyone, so we are primarily independent seekers going about our day-to-day lives. Because we feel an abiding respect for – and connection to – our fellow beings and the rest of the natural world, much of our practice involves both serving others and wandering and dwelling in wild places.

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