November 23, 2014

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About the Order of Hsu Yun

Welcome Message

We present in these pages "spiritual exercises," thoughts and teachings from a variety of sources, and offer support from a like-minded group of individuals. The Chan path is difficult because it requires that we change ourselves: the way we think, the way we act toward ourselves and others, and even... Read more

The OHY Mission ...

The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun is an international clerical order consisting of individual practitioners, sanghas and practice centers. The Mission of the ZBOHY is: To make the study and practice of Zen Buddhism accessible to the West through approaches that remain in keeping with the classical lineage tradition as... Read more

Who is Hsu Yun?

Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud) Hsu Yun is unquestionably the most revered Chan Master in China since Hui Neng, the sixth and last Chan (Zen) Patriarch.   Beyond China, a traveler will find shrines, altars and temples in his dedication around the globe. In his unquestionably long lifetime (accounts indicate he may... Read more

A 2012 Interview with Chuan Zhi

This interview was conducted on January 27th, 2012, by a visitor to our website who wishes to remain anonymous. Q: Are you the leader of your organization?  If so, what is your role? I am the Abbot of the Order, which means I am the “senior monk”.  Technically, I am no longer... Read more

Clergy, Spiritual Heads, and Founders

In May 1998, the Ven. Master Jy Din Shakya, then Abbot of the Hsu Yun temple in Honolulu, Hawaii, organized a dedication ceremony for Hong Fa temple in Shen Zhen, South China, in which 500 monks received full ordination. He invited prominent Zen teachers from around China to give instruction... Read more

A Biography of Master Jy Din and History of Hsu Yun Temple

Venerable Master Jy Din Shakya, also known as Wei-miao, was the first official voice of Chinese Chan/Zen to enter the West. He arrived in Hawaii in 1956, by order of his master, the Venerable Hsu Yun (Xu Yun) also known as De-qing and Yan-che. His simple directive to Jy... Read more

A 2011 Interview with Chuan Zhi

There is a common myth that it's necessary to have a teacher/guru to make any kind of progress with Zen. What everyone DOES need is inspiration to do this work, because it's not easy, and there are lots of doubts we have along the way (doubt in the sense of... Read more

Declaration of Faith

As documented in our corporate non-profit bylaws, our fundamental beliefs are stated as follows: : We each have the ability to seek and to comprehend the Dharma through our own efforts. A primary cause of human suffering is the direct result of our ego's attachments to persons, places, things, and thoughts. The... Read more