November 22, 2014

Staying Sober

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

by Chuan Pu, OHY

Published Apr 01, 2001

Someone recently sent me a newspaper article by Associated Press reporter Dan Joling who covered a startling new program of combating Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Alaska. Stephen Jacquier, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, wanted to graphically demonstrate to high school students just how seriously alcohol can damaged... Read more

Pregnancy and Drinking

by Jue Lian

Published Oct 12, 2000

A letter from a problem drinker asks a very serious question that will require several columns to answer: "I have been an alcoholic for many years and am now pregnant. I believe that this child has been given to me to help me to change my life, but as yet I... Read more

White Flags and Making Friends

by Chuan Pu Shakya

Published Jul 26, 2000

Recently someone wrote to me asking, "I sincerely want to get sober; but what do I do about all my friends?  I don't want to lose them." Sobriety is not for the sincere.  It is for the desperate.  No one ever quit any habit based on sincerity.  There is a kind... Read more

"Hey, Doc, it hurts when I do this!"

by Chuan Pu, OHY

Published Jul 06, 2000

Recently I was asked, "How do I know if I've got a drinking problem?" Good question. Only you can determine if you're an alcoholic, and only you can decide that it's time to do something about it. Just like everything we do on our Ch'an path, it's an "inside job". I... Read more

Breaking Habits

by Jue Lian

Published Jun 18, 2000

Human beings are creatures of habit. We like to think we have free will and that we consider each of our actions; but most of what we do we do from habit. We don't wake up in the morning and say, "Which beverage shall I have this morning?" We put... Read more

Getting Out of the Swamp

by Chuan Pu, OHY

Published Jun 18, 2000

The questions I am most frequently asked concern the need to share the recovery process with others. "Why do I need to join a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? Why can't I succeed on my own?" I usually answer by giving my own history; and, to some degree or... Read more