November 23, 2014

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Rev. Fa Zhao Shakya is appointed Training Manager of The Buddhist Council of NSW, Australia

In January 2013, Rev Fa Zhao, Matt Lawther, was promoted to the position of Training Manager of the Buddhist Council of NSW, Australia.

With a background of 20 years in Vocational Education and Training, Matt will be managing The Buddhist Council’s education programs. These include internal training for staff and volunteers and external training for Buddhist chaplains, school teachers and temple managers. There will also be programs offering basic Buddhist practices to the general public. These include parents, grandparents or anyone who may have an interest in how Buddhist teachings are applied to daily life.

Another initiative will be the introduction of a graduate program. This is for those who may have previously attended Buddhist organisations within universities and colleges. These will also be available to anyone, who wishes to participate in more advanced Buddhist practices and teachings.

Underlying all training activities is the promotion of legitimacy. To this end The Buddhist Council will continue its processes of registration with all accrediting bodies.

Matt is looking forward to this opportunity of serving in the Dharma of Education.