August 21, 2014

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Clouds & Water Hermitage Dedication

Sangha groupOn Saturday August 25th 2012, members of the Order of the Boundless Way joined with friends and neighbors for the dedication of Clouds and Water Hermitage. This event marks the beginning of what will become the primary retreat center for the Order of the Boundless Way. Unsui-an (雲水 as Clouds and Water Hermitage would be translated into Japanese) refers to a temporary abode for those practitioners of Zen who move freely through life without the constraints and limitations of attachment, like floating clouds or flowing water.

SignThe soon to be completed Zendo is the first of several structures that will eventually make up the compound to be used freely by members of our greater sangha, as well and friends and families, for the purpose of, regular sesshins, small group gatherings and solitary retreats. The goals for this year is to complete the Zendo building and place the first retreat hut so that we can begin to enjoy using the facility as soon as possible. Members and friends will be able to reserve time to stay at the Hermitage as soon as the retreat hut is delivered (stay tuned!)

Fa Lohng ShakyaThe realization of our new center is only being made possible through the countless contributions of time, money and labor from friends and sangha members from all over the world. We are deeply indebted to everyone who has contributed and look forward to the future contributions that will be needed to complete the fully envisioned facility.

The objective is to make Clouds and Water Hermitage fully functional for extended retreats for up to twelve practitioners, as well as, generally available for smaller groups, individual retreats, and one day social gatherings.

Open Gate sangha member Jessica Morgan has once again supplied us with a wonderful slide show highlighting Saturday’s events. Thanks again Jessica!



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  • Fa Gong

    Excellent. Wonderful, and you all must be very proud (not that we do that sort of thing, of course :evil: ) of the genuinely inspiring work you've all done.

    Deepest congratulations

    Fa Gong (Finn) :evil:

  • Fa Yi Shakya  - _()_ Gratulation _()_

    This a wonderfull message.
    The posting and the pics are very good and beautifull.
    May Buddha bless you all!

  • Fa Zhao

    Remarkable achievement. Making plans to visit the new structure/s next year.

    The pictorial efforts have been so rewarding.

    Heartfelt joy also to Jeff, being noted as a SDT.

    Fa Zhao (Hoka)