November 23, 2014

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Biographical Sketch: Rev.Fa Yang Sakhya

Shihan Henry Arambulo (Rev.Fa Yang Sakhya)

Shihan Henry Arambulo (Rev.Fa Yang Sakhya)Henry Arámbulo Sensei was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on November 19th, 1967. At the age of five he began training in a variety of martial arts, including Tiger style Kung Fu under sifu Parazzi of Italy and Jean Pierre Crameri. In 1990 he joined the dojo of Hanshi Gigin Hiramatsu where he remained until the master's passing in 1997. During these seven years of intensive practice he refined his karate and kobudo techniques and assisted his sensei in spreading the knowledge of the benefits of Okikukendo style of martial arts in Venezuela.

As of the writing of this brief biography, Sensei Arámbulo has opened several dojos in Venezuela where he continues to teach. He presides over of a large group of students eager to master the martial arts.

Henry Sensei considers the ancient practice of Chinese Chan an integral aspect of Martial Arts training as was the intention of its founders in ancient China. His devotion to his practice led him to become ordained as a Chan Buddhist Priest in January 2008 through the Order of Hsu Yun, when he was given the Chinese Dharma name of Fa Yang Shakya, which means to spread the Dharma.

Fa Yang at work . . .Fa Yang also serves as the senior representative of Venezuela of Kokusai Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate & Kobudo Kai Association (KKGKK), a multinational organization with members from over nine countries with over 2000 student members.

When not engaged in practice or teaching, Fa Yang enjoys his time as an artist, poet, and chess player.