November 28, 2014

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Le chant de la vallée opens hermitages for silent retreats

Phil_1bPhilippe Duchesne, Fa Tian Shakya, is Abbot of «Le chant de la vallée» located in Sutton, Quebec, Canada, and a Senior Dharma Teacher of the Order of Hsu Yun.  

For the past decade, «Le chant de la vallée» has welcomed people of very different spiritual traditions to delve into their spiritual practice deeply, in a remote, quiete, environment in Canada. Fa Tian engages the spirit of Zen in welcoming all people of all spiritual disciplines to his forrest hermatige where he offers serious practicioners the opportunity to focus on spiritual practices without interruption. He tells us "there is no truth to reach but only reality and on that fact our Real World IS already the ultimate reality."

Fa Tian offers three hermitages for people wanting to spend days or weeks in solitary practice.

  Le Chant Vallee Newsletter (June2011)