November 23, 2014

Essays by Fa Guang

The Way is smooth and straight, no obstacles, no bad weather, no potholes, no pirates or thieves. Just be careful of the karma on either side.


Empty Zendo

by Fa Guang

Published Jun 12, 2011

Empty Zendo

How many times have you heard, "living in the moment?" The expression is fashionable now. I hear it everywhere, and see it within or on the back of at least sixty percent of the self-help and psychology books in every book store I visit. It's a "truism" I suppose, but... Read more

A Dangerous Game

by Fa Guang, OHY

Published May 01, 2008

A Dangerous Game

A Warning for Forum Aficionados! The Internet has a peculiar way of grabbing us and taking us off course, often without us even being aware it's happening. Recently as I was searching the Internet for a particular book I came across a list of forum posts relating to... Read more

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