November 22, 2014

Commentary on Rev. Chuan Zhi's "Bring on the Sun!"

The need to believe, as the Buddha said, is the primordial condition to walk the Path.

Spiritual transition stages are very explicitly analyzed by Abbot Chuan Zhi in his essay Forward Motion: Bring on the Sun!

It gives a clear outlook and conceptual understanding of the several differences and difficulties each one runs into while meeting different stages walking the spiritual path. We all climb 'The same Mountain' which has different peaks, following the paces and traces left by the masters and the former followers finding at the right time the strength needed that each ever changing moment requires.

Sometimes stuck in some stage, with doubt, even loosing faith before even getting it, one can feel despair and loneliness in his confusion but it is just a cloud that patience and Wisdom will dissolve for the wise one, just like water, always finds his way.

Essentially one is never alone for 'all is one and one is all' and wisdom will soon allow to realize that all feelings are superficial and exists but only in the mind. When that moment comes it is to see Buddha.

Know thyself.
It is all about Looking at the self.
No one else can do the job.
It is between you and you ... until you loose the you in you.
The goal is progression.
Going on the uphill path, seeking with persistence, the follower of the Truth will continue to grow and realize true nature.
That is the message, behind which one can feel deep in his heart an unexplored hidden Joy.

The most important, as Abbot Chuan Zhi says, "We must keep growing. When we stop seeking, we stop growing, and when we stop growing we succumb to illnesses of all kinds - both physical and psychological. It depends entirely on us: on our sincere effort to unravel ourselves from the inside out ... it requires intense, unrelenting and sincere effort."

It is not the quantity of practice that will lead to enlightenment, but the quality.

Fa Lian Shakya Dec. '08

"Be true to the one who is true to you."