November 20, 2014

Treasure of the Law

More is the treasure of the Law than gems; 
Sweeter than comb its sweetness; its delights 
Delightful past compare. Thereby to live 
Hear the Five Rules aright:- 
Kill not - for Pity's sake - and lest ye slay 
The meanest thing upon its upward way.

Give freely and receive, but take from none 
By greed, or force, or fraud, what is his own.

Bear not false witness, slander not, nor lie; 
Truth is the speech of inward purity.

Shun drugs and drinks which work the wit abuse; 
Clear minds, clean bodies, need no soma juice.

Touch not thy neighbour's wife, neither commit 
Sins of the flesh unlawful and unfit.

These words the Master spake of duties due 
To father, mother, children, fellows, friends; 
Teaching how such as may not swiftly break 
The clinging chains of sense - whose feet are weak 
To tread the higher road - should order so 
This life of flesh that all their hither days 
Pass blameless in discharge of charities 
And first true footfalls in the Eightfold Path; 
Living pure, reverent, patient, pitiful, 
Loving all things which live even as themselves.